Quarantanove Edizioni is a music publishing company based in Frascati, in the province of Rome, founded in 2016 by Emmanuel  Maccarrone, sound engineer and producer.  The publishing company is oriented towards artists and projects of instrumental music.

WHY 49

49 is not a random number: it was the age of the founder, Emmanuel Maccarone, when he decided to create the company, after 20 years career as a sound engineer and record producer. It was an enthusiastic turning point in his professional life, a new beginning at the age of 49. And if it is true that life regenerate itself every 7 years (in numerology 7 is the number of creation) then the multiple number amplify the potential of its mysticism, as if the number 49 were both the beginning and the end of life’s cycle.


Wanderer, Sicilian self-taught person with passion for music, he graduated in 1991 in Sound and Recording Technique at the Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale of Saluzzo, near Cuneo. Thus, begans his long career in several recording studios located in Catania, his hometown, such as Waterbird Studio and Francesco Virlinzi’s Cyclope Records. In 1996 he decided to found his own recording studio, L.A.I.F. Recording Studio, who soon became a point of reference for the whole music scenery. He begins then to take his first steps in the record producing markets. Since 2001 he collaborates with the major national services, like Xenon, Musical Box Rents, Backstage P.A., Madema, with whom he takes part in several  international concert, TV and theater productions. Emmanuel Maccarone’s experiences include the position of professional audio consultant, sound teacher and technical article writer for specialized magazines. In 2005 he moved to Rome where one year later, in 2006, he founded Quarantanove Edizioni, a music publishing company, 49Records, the record label and a new recording studio, the Studio49.