Composer, clarinetist and Italian multi-instrumentalist musician, he was renamed by the critics the king of “Friscalettu”, the cane flute used by ancient Greek shepherds, that he handcrafted by himself. His first flute at the age of 6 was a gift from his father, son of a peasant from Sortino, in Sicily, who taught him the ancient agropastoral techniques of construction. After this first unexpected, passionate connection with oral music, he began to study music approaching several sound languages: saxophone, piano and guitar. In 1991 he graduated in clarinet from the Musical Highschool “Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania. His musical career has been marked by two events: the meeting with the Sicilian singer Rosa Balistreri, with whom he performed a duet few years before her death, and with Angelo Branduardi during the lab “I viaggi di Gulliver”, while the songwriter was the artistic director of it. In 2002 he published his first album entitled Hybla, recorded and remixed with the collaboration of Emmanuel Maccarone, that soon became his friend. In September 2005 he released his second album entitled A sud dell’anima, with the collaboration of Emmanuel.  Over the years has performed his music on international stages like Fimu, the Belfort Festival in France, or like Cap Sud, in Mons in Belgium.

In 2011 he launches the project Tarabballà, created from the meeting with various musicians from a wide variety of genres. For the occasion the journalist Salvo Fruciano dedicates him a report for TGR Sicilia broadcast on Rai3 entitled “The sound of Hyblean”. He then plays as a soloist for the soundtrack of Boris Giuliano fiction, composed by Paolo Vivaldi and broadcast on Rai Uno, on May 23-24 2016. In 2017 he plays his own compositions for the Rai Due’s TV show called “Journey Across the Giro’s Italy” by the producer Michele De Mieri and presented by Edoardo Camurri.

Quarantanove Edizioni has been the publishing company that produced Anaktoron with the collaboration of Ketty Teriaca, pianist and professor at Palermo Conservatory: 11 sound compositions written for clarinet and piano, a mix of classical music and contemporary influences. The album was fully recorded within the Teatro comunale of Avola, in the province of Siracusa.