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Composers of the publishing company

Quarantanove Edizioni collaborates with composers and musicians of a rare sensitivity, both human and artistic, such as Carmelo Salemi and Simona Di Gregorio, who cooperate with us especially for the creation of artistic projects, apart from the record productions.

The Artistic Project

Quarantanove Edizioni was created from the idea of music like a project and not just like a mere product, a path to walk together more than a final line to achieve individually and to boast about. We are strongly interested in the research of a particular vibration, text or a full musical composition (rather than their discovery). That’s why it is very important for us to invest energies and resources in dialogue with our great artists, composers and musicians, and their arts. They don’t like stereotypes nor tags for their music has sounds of the world, with influences ranging from the slopes of Etna to India, from Paris alleys to Berlin music clubs.