She is a sicilian singer and multi-instrumentalist musician. She moved to Stuttgart where she studied piano, rhythmic education and percussions. Back in Sicily she began to take a close interest in Early 1900’s traditional peasant music: “Sicilian people created a melody with a truly distinctive suffering outcry that embrace the poetry laid by the fathers and influenced by the different peoples who settled the area. Sellers shouts, carters and tonnara songs, children’s voices, canzuni d’amuri e sdegnu (songs about love and indignation), sung dances, tila and lavannari songs and simple ‘canzuni’ that was sung just to singing”.

In 2011 she is one of the protagonists of the theatrical piece Le vecchie e il mare, taken from the choral of Ghiannis Ritsos and from the homonymous video, filmed by Dimitri Kozaris. She composed and performed the music tracks of the 2012 movie Acqua fuori dal ring by Joel Stangle. She sings and elaborates the arrangements for Dedicato a Rosa Balistreri, recorded by the band I Beddi, founded by herself. She collaborated and recorded for: Matilde Politi, Biagio Guerrera, Rita Botto, Terrae, Luigi Di Pino, Carmelo Salemi, Stefano Spoto, Miriam Palma, I Na’Maravigghia, I Beddi and Secoli Bui. She assists, for 10 years up to now, Matilde Politi in her tours dates around Italy, Europe and Asia; she also collaborates as assistant for the sicilian traditional singing labs.

She is the vocalist and the accordion percussionist of the Luftig band, together with Giovanni Arena and Riccardo Gerbino. The band is a product of Quarantanove Edizioni, who produced the album Erding.